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  1. Thomas Bake

    "00:24" 👌 Your choice but only *D A D Y A 𝐏 𝐏 .C 𝐎 M* 📌

  2. Floppy Nuggies

    Btec vivecraft lol

  3. Bernserker

    TENET (2020) DIR. Christopher Nolan

  4. Gaming Fun

    I can't sleep how long do we have to wait for ps5.

  5. A Guy Stuck In The US

    How do yall racist feel having to play as one of us black folks since yall hate us so much? Awkward lol

  6. Eddie C

    5:11 "omw to cop a ps5"

  7. bEtchaos7

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t they already have an app that did all of these things?

  8. Emcy ReaLPZ

    WeLcOmE 👁🎮😼

  9. Nugroho Saptoaji

    I'd just got my mona, and Zhongli appear.... f*ck

  10. Gaming Fun

    How long do we have to wait for ps5.

  11. Blackmask

    Gotta love La flame 🔥

  12. Caleb Guice

    I've been waiting for this game to come out of early access for ages! So excited!

  13. 199jensen

    The new home menu gives me a nostalgia from gran turismo 4 and i like it.

  14. iarumas

    cool ill play with the crumbs of fps i have left

  15. Spling Tlep

    I’m exited to play infamous second son

  16. Maged Kamel

    I hope i can use it in egypt especially the messaging app

  17. Neighborly

    Where's the UI and will there be an option to change that horrendous camera angle? I have a weird OCD for camera angles

  18. yu liu

    The song is creeping me out and I’m about to turn into a ghost too:(

  19. toxic reaper

    At wich time Came the Update

  20. NoahNoah's V5

    Im just waiting to this console to launch. need to buy it ASAP

  21. Gravy Beats


  22. NOTW116

    Make this playable in VR and I'm sold!

  23. AJ YT

    Do you still get the skin in mid game or only from pre order

  24. Obi-Wan Kenobi

    Ps3 called, it wants it's GrApHicS back

  25. General kenobi

    I like the fact they make the suits actually look like how they would instead of just slapping it on with out any changes and the thwap is a great touch. Can’t wait to play already got my pre order in.

  26. matuopm

    This game looks super boring... just by watching it I can see the player just smashing X to strike ... and sometimes dodge ... theres absolutely no variety ...

  27. Alexarrebola

    Every time i get more proud of my purchase

  28. hamzah _M

    now since there is no MGS this year the stupid stans cant pick its OST for the year over this amazing glorious ( you will hear soon), kinda what happened with BB unfortunately

  29. EmitWish

    hey Sony.. Please make ps4 support gta 6... this is a humble request from EmitYarx Team. Hope You Do it

  30. irrelavant intersts

    Sticky white stuff all over the dualsense.

  31. STaint

    o please, add optimization

  32. Crake

    Still no update in uk?

  33. Jonathan Osorio

    Why you don't remaster COD black ops 1 y 2?

  34. Skitkekt

    finally more men

  35. Theventureguy 247

    Kevin was op 4 years ago

  36. RAY M

    Still Better music choice then WRC9 PS5 Trailer 🤣

  37. محمد فوزي المسلماوي

    كله كذب مثل النسخة السابقة هم تريلر قوي وطلعت اللعبة خدعه

  38. B Dog

    100% Re starting this game next gen.

  39. Mayed Khalid

    Imagine Xbox winning the console war.. I would be soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy

  40. Big Boss -

    Imagine that will be your ps5 what you pre-ordered.

  41. Krash face

    Ah yes... theme of *grosely profuse sorrows and regrets 2: Defiliment Archstoone*

  42. Keelan Barron

    I was hoping for it with the hood but okay.

  43. Le Docteur

    Game doesn't run anything like that on Ps4

  44. Seth Michael s.

    Miles has always been my favorite character in spiderman

  45. davey1001_lazzzyboy

    Bruh, they even went the extra mile and altered the animation style to be like the animated film.........that’s f**kin’ bada**.

  46. Stelios Kapet

    Even tho I don’t like the original dark souls and never played them much cause of boredom.. THIS ONE LOOKS AMAZING!

  47. avocado o

    Please delay this game it is not finished

  48. Sean Elijah Espinosa

    Wait, isn’t that the guy from fortnite?

  49. Zamasu did nothing wrong

    At this point I am waiting for a complete edition to finally get the game! Hopefully, it stays alive until then

  50. Fallen King

    The difference between this and star citizen...this is actually almost done and is on ps4

  51. FN_West X


  52. Martin Juarez

    Am I the only one that cant get in and it shows cant sign in plz try again😃🧐

  53. Boruto The Demon

    okay I will get this

  54. JONMAKE Safronov

    На игру как то не похоже

  55. Last Strand

    Wow... Wait a minute-

  56. Peter Nguyen

    Imma get this when ps6 comes out. See you guys in 7 years

  57. Fitra Gamers

    Game gua itu

  58. DarthWall275

    The Tripod designs are inspired by the ones from the 2005 movie. That is the only remotely positive thing I have to say about this.

  59. Vincent Lloyd

    Can you let us use codes? THANKS.

  60. Drew Sykes

    The thing that most stands out is that the players still look like they’re gliding/skating across the floor.

  61. Seppl Blattla

    Original was so much better. They just made it sound more generic...

  62. Inder S

    Want no man's sky now? Get a PC

  63. choirul fadilah

    If you fail, try again.. and impress!!

  64. Zrag Métronom'

    On dirait un jeux PS4 👎🏾. Premier Rocher qui tombe et il disparaît....

  65. Lunaria

    Why does no one talk about the black PlayStation 5 :o

  66. JasonKatt

    this does not look like a ps4 game, lol Ive seen better game graphics than that, lol I think that if you're gonna make an older game on new systems, that they should get an over hual updated treatment! not a transfer. its like burning a dvd onto a bluray disc, the detail has to look top notch!

    1. Prince Of Persia

      This is nintendo trailer

  67. Ridrith Mavewyn

    Gross, no PC.

  68. Awesomeruler

    More characters I can afford and I can’t even upgrade my old characters. :(

  69. Tiko’s son

    The only reason that xbox will be better is..... the new xbox series x s fridge

  70. Big boy

    let me see the home screen pretty plssss

  71. Andre Vilas Boas


  72. Ace Infinite

    Why he run like that😂

  73. Chris Vartivarian

    0:40 What’s up with Brandon Ingram and Jrue Holliday moving backing and forth together like there was no “life” in them AND Zion “fixing” his shorts doesn’t look like he has a grip of those shorts....is this really supposed to be NEXT GEN??? Built from the ground up??? Get out of here 2k

  74. ZamRageTvz

    Cant wait to have Autotune Mics